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Litter of puppies found by mail-carrier

Considering I have a pit bull terrier mix at the moment, I feel kind of bad saying Golden Retrievers are my favorite dog breed.  Baltimore Sun blog “Unleashed” posted this story last Friday and it is a must-read:

Have you ever seen anything so impossibly cute????? These puppies all need homes — a mail carrier found a litter of 11 in a ditch.

“The puppies were dropped and left to fend for themselves but, luckily, Christine found them before anything bad happened to them. She took them to the vet and their age is estimated at 9 weeks,” a good Samaritan writes.

All 11 need homes. They are thought to be Retriever/Lab mixes, so they’ll grow up into substantial dogs.

Contact Jill Rosen for more details or information needed to give the puppies a home.


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