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Dog of the Week: Belmar

Belmar, BYOB reader Tiffany Crowell's pug/Jack Russel mix

This 3-year-old half-Pug, half-Jack Russell terrier got his name from owner Tiff Crowell, “because when he was just a baby, he walked with chest out and looked like he had no neck…he could possibly resemble the ‘meatheads’ that flock to Belmar [NJ] every year,” said Crowell.

Belmar loves to be outside playing with his furry cousins (Molly, Dublin, Garbo, Libby and Bob) and loves to go to the Dog Beach in Asbury Park, NJ, according to Crowell.

He is very protective of his mom and gets jealous when anyone comes near her.  “I wouldn’t trade Belmar for any other dog in the world,” said Crowell.

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