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Wednesday Night Hikes at Baltimore Humane Society

Tonight kicks of the Baltimore Humane Society‘s Wednesday Night Hikes around their downtown campus. Participants are encouraged to bring their own dogs, or walk one from the shelter.

The hike runs from 6:30 – 7:30pm and are scheduled for every Wednesday now through October.  For more information, visit the B-More Humane event calendar.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it tonight but for those of you who were able to attend, how was it?


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Promote better leash etiquette

Dags models her new doggie-harness

If you dog is like mine and is difficult to walk on a leash, I suggest investing in a doggie-harness.

I picked one up at my local PetSmart today, before taking my pit bull terrier mix out to the trails at Robert E. Lee Park.  The harness seemed to improve her pulling, stamina and overall behavior.

Harnesses come in all colors, sizes and materials and can be found at almost any pet supply store.

Do you have any tips for owners of pups with poor leash etiquette?

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Top 10 MD hiking spots for dogs

According to Doug Gelbert, the author of Doggin’ Maryland, there’s plenty of great places to hike with your dog–especially now that the snow’s starting to melt!

Dogs at Robert E. Lee Park

Photo Courtesy of Poochiethedog.blogspot.com

The guide comes complete with tips, advice and of course, a list of top 100 places to explore in the Free State with your best pal.

Here’s a list of the Top 10:

  1. Catoctin Mountain Park (Frederick County) offers short walks,challenging hikes & scenic views for you and your dog.
  2. Tuckahoe State Park (Caroline County) provides grass meadows for sandy walks at the Eastern Shore.
  3. Robert E. Lee Park (Baltimore County) is a popular site for all dogs that like to play, swim, sniff around and explore.
  4. Susquehanna State Park (Harford County) has something for everyone; easily-walkable trails and hiker friendly hills.
  5. Harpers Ferry National Historic Park (Jefferson County, WV) is two trips in one: A historic landmark and a hikers dream. Continue reading

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Post-snow survival

Cabin-fever starting to set in? Believe me, your dog is feeling it too.  Cooped up in the house, while the 30 plus inches of snow piles up outside, can make anyone go a little stir-crazy.  If you’re like me and are planning to take your dog out for a nature hike after the Sun shows it face this weekend, make sure to throw some simple post-snow ready-for-anything survival items in your ride.

  1. An old Towel (or two). Melting snow + dirt trails = one muddy pup.  Be ready for your animal to, well…act like an animal.  Bring one for those dirty paws, and one for you or the car.
  2. Water (or more than usual).  Don’t you enjoy a big water-chug after a run?  Your dog’s the same way.  You should always keep a bottle in your car if riding around with your pal but on trips that follow days of pent-up energy, bring extra.
  3. Toys.  If you’re opting for the park instead of a hike, bring some throw toys to keep your dog energized (unless you want to keep up with the running).
  4. Transport Kennel.  Don’t pull a Britney and get caught with your baby in your lap!  Icy conditions make accidents more likely, so think of the kennel as a seatbelt for your dog.  No room for a kennel? Check out a car barrier.

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