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Dogma – Life, With Your Pet: must-haves

Virginia Byrnes, co-owner of Dogma-Life, With Your Pet believes in an eco-friendly and health conscious life for you and your dog.  At Dogma’s two locations–Canton and Mt. Washington–a dog owner can find all the essentials a dog needs and all the fun products a dog wants.  Yes, Dogma even has something for those cat people.

Byrnes’ inventory is packed full with items from all over the world and for any type of personality, but here are a few of her favorites:

  • Raised Dog Bowls

    Raised dog bowls

    Water and food bowls: Dogma carries an array of pet bowls, but Byrnes believes stainless steel over plastic or ceramic.  “They’re easier to clean and better for your dog,” she says.  Byrnes also stresses that if you don’t go with stainless steel, make sure your plastic is coated and your ceramic contains no lead.  Raised feeding and water bowls are more friendly for larger breeds, because according to Byrnes, they encourage good digestion.

  • Antlerz


    Food and snacks: The bone and snack section in the Mt. Washington store is packed with worldly treats, sure to satisfy your dog’s hunger.  Byrnes suggests you pick up real-deer Antlerz, cheese-based Himalayan Dog Chew and stingray tails from Canine Caviar.  All three products are organic, and contain a great balance of nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy.  Plus, Byrnes thinks dog’s need, “things to chew on other than your hand.”

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