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Adoption: Puppies vs. Old Dogs

Everyone loves a new puppy.  Besides the fact that they’re cute and cuddly, puppies offer something older dogs can’t: a chance to watch them grow with the family.  But where’s the old dog love?

Back in April, Dogster’s for the love of the dog Blog put together a slide show of submitted photos from their readers.  The photos had only one criteria, “Dogster is seeking photos of readers’ old dogs, with little descriptions to go along with them. Your dog can be in Dog Heaven, as long as you submit a photo of him/her in older years.”

The slide show turned out great–it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling for your old friends.  Recently, many younger adoptive owners are considering senior dogs over puppies.

“From now on, I’m going to only adopt old dogs,” said Katelyn Rockwell, a student and animal shelter volunteer.  “I’m going to hold off on adopting a puppy until I have a family.”

Older dogs, like the three now available for adoption at the Baltimore Humane Society, usually have discounted adoption fees.  In addition to generally lower costs (including fees, short-lived toys, replacing destroyed items in your home, etc.) older dogs are usually pre-trained.  That gives owner and dog more time to lay around and get to know each other.


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BMORE Humane Night Hike

On Wednesday, I met with Amanda Serafini, the Adoptions & Shelter Volunteer Director at the Baltimore Humane Society in Reisterstown, Md and joined a volunteer group as they participated in the weekly Night Hikes on the BMORE Humane Society’s grounds.

Click the photo to view the slide-show

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